Christopher B. Grohs

NC LMBT #12493 | Somatic Educator | Dancer

Photo by Curtis Brown Photography

I seek to live by the following principles:
To notice first. To practice the art of attention without expectation. To be the witness, the observer, the kind hand of support. To find peace as a constant choice. To refuse the rushing and the waiting. To seek and share the truth. To be here, now, present and awake for the immense gift of air in my lungs and sunshine in my eyes.

Dance, Bodywork, Meditation — all the practices that bring me home. As we move beyond the idea of better or worse, we can step into the diverse offerings that fill our days. We get better at knowing what we need at different times and allowing for the inevitable change that life brings. We are not the same this year as we are the year before; an evolving practice that asks “and” more than “or” is my hope; a practice that invites us into the many facets that shape our unique experience.

The last 5 years of dedicated movement pushed me in ways that opened my physical body, expanded my capacity for presence and taught me the richness of the human experience. We all are searching for meaning and purpose; it’s my hope to ignite the passion behind the purpose so we can all shine a bit brighter in our work. Using the tools of therapeutic yoga, mindfulness and the wonderful teachings of everyday life, I bring a clear sense of healthy movement principles into all of my classes. I seek to navigate the bumpy terrain of wholehearted living and ask more than I demand. My classes are filled with questions: How do you feel? What are you doing? Where’s your effort manifesting? Each question is an opportunity to step into your present experience; to dive into your current form. Who am I? Let’s find out together.

Education + Training

Northeastern University — BSIB: Finance and International Affairs

Wake Technical — 500 hr Massage and Bodywork Training

Bija Yoga Training — 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Thai Massage Training — Foundational Flow

NueroMuscular Reprograming — Level 1+2

Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine — Masters Program